Professional Hand Grip Strength Trainer

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  • Patented design, high strength thick spring,

  • The shape that fits the radian of the finger makes the user feel better

Product Parameter

MaterialHydraulic cylinder+nylon plastic+pp+carbon steel
UsageFinger Trainer
LogoCustomized Logo Availabled
ColorCustomized Color
TypeFitness Accessories

1. Before each use of the equipment, please confirm that there is no abnormality before use. If it is damaged, please do not use it. 3. When using products for scientific exercise, it is recommended to proceed step by step from small to large, and adjust the strength and intensity that suits you.

2. Children, pregnant women, the elderly and those with physical discomfort should not use this equipment.

3. The core component of this equipment is composed of a hydraulic cylinder. During use, due to the special structure of the cylinder, there will be a slight (squeaking) sound, which is a normal sound caused by the return of oil in the cylinder.

4. This equipment has a high-precision oil cylinder inside and engineering plastics outside. Please do not throw, drop, or step on it.

5.When this equipment is used frequently, the steel body of the oil cylinder will heat up normally. Do not touch it directly with your hands to avoid burns. 8. The company is not responsible for personal injuries or equipment caused by using equipment in violation of operating rules.

Pay attention

1. Due to the special structure of the hydraulic cylinder, if the product is used again after being placed for a period of time, the strength adjustment knob will be relatively tight. At this time, you can rotate it left and right a few times and it will be relatively easy to use.

2. Due to the special structure of the hydraulic cylinder, if the product is used again after being placed for a period of time, it is normal for there to be gaps occasionally in the first few times.

Professional Hand Grip Strengthener Maintenance and care:

1. Correct use of this equipment can extend its service life.

2. Do not immerse it in water and keep away from heat sources and open flames.

3. Do not drop or use the equipment improperly, and do not change or modify the equipment in any way.

4. Long-term use will inevitably cause parts to loosen. Please check and tighten them in time to avoid damage to the accessories and personal harm.

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