Hacker Squat Machine

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  • Compared with the traditional clumsy shape, this design adopts oval tube, which is more stylish and generous. The rubber handle wraps round steel tube, and the aluminum sleeve seal is added for better muscle training grip.
  • Excellent surface coating, smooth welding.
  • High-quality steel pipe Q235.

  • Our design can have good safety protection effect by manual pulling pin.

Product Description

Hack squats help you improve your traditional squat

Hack squats may allow you to lift heavier weights

Builds your hamstrings

Hack squats build core strength

Product Parameter

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ColorRed, yellow, blue

1.Quad Emphasis ss mentioned, the angle of the hack squat and the decrease in trunk activation mean your quads take on most of the load and volume. This is great if you’re looking to build bigger legs. You won’t get the same full-body engagement that comes from a back squat, but if you’re more focused on just building muscle: hack squats may be the way to go.

2. Hack Squats help You Improve Your Traditional Squat We've discussed how the back squat may be the king of all exercises, but if you are new to the gym, you may not feel ready for them yet. The traditional squat requires perfect form to be executed properly. The benefit of the hack squat is that it helps you to learn the movement and how the muscles will be targeted.

3. Hack Squats May Allow You To Lift Heavier Weights If you’ve been performing hack squats for a while, you may notice your strength improving pretty quickly. This is because there isn’t as much focus on body position, balance, and coordination that comes from back squats. The hack squat allows you to focus on the muscles, power, and driving the weight upward.

4. Builds Your Hamstrings The squat motion not only targets the quads and glutes, but also the hamstrings. Even though you are in an inclined position with a hack squat, there is still hamstring activation. Since you are locked into position, you may notice it’s easier to engage the hamstrings and focus on them throughout the squat.

5. Hack Squats Build Core Strength Full-body exercises such as deadlifts and squats require that big trunk activation. This requires strong abdominals. Hack squats also require core engagement, but it is much easier to focus on your core since you are locked into position. A regular back squat requires a focus on all parts of the body. With a hack squat, you can engage your core more effectively because you don’t have to worry about balancing the barbell on your back and your body position.


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