Commercial Smith Machine

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  • Vertical Range of Motion:The barbell in a Smith Machine moves only vertically along the steel rails, providing a guided and controlled range of motion.

  • Adjustable J-Hooks:J-hooks are used to hold the barbell during squats. They can be adjusted to different heights to accommodate users of varying heights and exercise preferences.

  • Cable Pulley System:The integrated cable pulley system features adjustable pulleys, cables, and attachments for performing exercises like lat pulldowns, rows, curls, and more.

Product Description
  1. Comprehensive Workout: Offers the versatility of squat-based exercises and cable resistance exercises, allowing users to target multiple muscle groups.

  2. Space Efficiency: Combining the squat rack and cable pulley functions into one unit saves space compared to separate units.

  3. Full Body Engagement: Users can engage a variety of muscle groups including legs, back, chest, arms and core for a comprehensive workout.

  4. Functional Training: Rope exercises simulate real-life movements and build functional strength and coordination.

Product Parameter
Item No.YL-M22
TypeBody Building Fitness Equipment

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