Smith Machine I

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  • Versatile Power Rack for Bench Press and Squats
  • Innovative Functional Trainer with Aerospace-Grade Cables
  • Ultra-Smooth Motion Smith Machine for Maximum Safety
  • Ergonomic Pull-Up Station for Varied Grips
  • Core Trainer for Rotational Torso Training
  • Suspension Trainer and Pull-Down Handle for Added Versatility
  • Low Row Stand Mat for Full-Body Rowing Experience

Product Description
  1. We present the SMITH MACHINE I, the ultimate multi-station trainer meticulously designed to elevate your fitness journey to unparalleled heights. 

  2. With its ingenious combination of a strength rack, functional trainer, Smith machine, and much more, this compact powerhouse is all you need to unlock your true fitness potential.

Product Parameter
Item No.YL-M21
Package Size2270*730*340mm
Machine Size2028*2230*1482mm
Gross Weight362kg
Product Weight331kg
TypeBody Building Fitness Equipment


1)Versatile Power Rack for Bench Press and Squats:

Experience the freedom of adjusting the height vertically with the adjustable commercial J-Hook, ensuring optimal positioning during bench presses and squats. Achieve your strength goals with confidence using this reliable power rack.

2)Innovative Functional Trainer with Aerospace-Grade Cables:

The SMITH MACHINE PRO features a dual cable pulley system with individual pound-weight racks. The aerospace-grade cables deliver a smooth and precise workout experience. Easily adjust the pulley system vertically with just one hand for seamless functional training.

3)Ultra-Smooth Motion Smith Machine for Maximum Safety:

Unleash your potential with the innovative commercial Smith machine equipped with commercial-grade rails. Experience ultra-smooth motion while lifting weights, thanks to the balanced design. The safety lock and release mechanism ensures you can train at your best without the need for an observer.

4)Ergonomic Pull-Up Station for Varied Grips:

The SMITH MACHINE PRO boasts an ergonomically designed multi-grip pull-up station, allowing you to target different muscle groups during pull-ups.

5)Core Trainer for Rotational Torso Training:

With an additional mine station, the SMITH MACHINE PRO facilitates all types of rotational torso training.

6)Suspension Trainer and Pull-Down Handle for Added Versatility:

Enhance your workouts with the included suspension trainer stirrup, compatible with resistance band kits for added resistance training. Take your fitness journey to new heights with high pull-downs using the designated handle.

7)Low Row Stand Mat for Full-Body Rowing Experience:

Convert the vertical leg press attachment into a low-row stand mat combined with the left cable pulley system. Emulate the movements of rowing in the water and enjoy a full-body workout that targets various muscle groups.

8)Tailor-Made Fitness Experience:

The SMITH MACHINE PRO is designed with customization in mind. All functional accessories are optional, allowing you to personalize your fitness experience based on your preferences and goals.

9)Elevate Your Fitness Potential:

Transform your workouts with the SMITH MACHINE PRO, an all-in-one compact multi-station trainer that caters to all aspects of fitness. From strength training to functional workouts, this trainer empowers you to reach your fitness aspirations with ease.

Note: Contact us now to explore more about the SMITH MACHINE PRO and its limitless potential to revolutionize your fitness regime.

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