Wood Fitness Push-Up Support

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  • Lightweight and portable design, thick solid wood, good hardness, high strength, good load-bearing performance.
  • Golden triangle fulcrum design, more stable, scientific force, pure wood texture anti-slip and wear resistance.
  • The biggest advantage of wooden brackets lies in the feel and stability. In particular, the feeling of sweat absorption is better.
Product Description

1.Is wooden fitness equipment environmentally friendly?

   - Yes, wooden fitness equipment is often considered eco-friendly due to its sustainability and biodegradability.

2.Are wooden gym machines durable?

   - Absolutely, high-quality wooden gym machines can be extremely durable and long-lasting.

3.What types of wood are commonly used in fitness equipment?

   - Oak, maple, and beech are popular choices for wooden fitness equipment due to their strength and aesthetics.

4.How does wood compare to metal or plastic in terms of weight and portability?

   - Wood is typically lighter than metal and more portable than some plastics, making it a versatile choice.

5.Is wooden fitness equipment safe to use?

   - Yes, when properly maintained, wooden fitness equipment is safe and comfortable to use.

6.Can wooden gym equipment withstand moisture and sweat?

   - It can, but it's essential to choose moisture-resistant wood and apply appropriate finishes to prevent damage.

7.What's the maintenance required for wooden fitness equipment?

   - Regular cleaning and occasional resealing or refinishing can keep wooden fitness equipment in excellent condition.

8.How can wooden fitness equipment enhance a workout experience?

   - Wood's natural warmth and aesthetics create a pleasant workout environment, improving the overall experience.

Product Parameter

DIMENSIONS19.1 x 14.4 x 7.1 inches (48.5 x 36.6 x 18 cm)
ColorWooden color
Packaging1pc/brown box or color box

Wooden push-ups are made of pure natural wood, which can be pine, beech or birch. The plasticity is more convenient, the length can be customized, good hardness, high strength, good load-bearing performance. 

This material is especially suitable for the Russian stand up, which is used by many people who practice extreme fitness. 

Compared with iron grip, wood has advantages in sweat absorption function and better body feel.

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