ARTBELL FITNESS at Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Press Release and Announcement for Immediate Release

October 16,2023

ARTBELL FITNESS Set to Showcase Innovative Fitness and Wellness Products at Upcoming Global Exhibitions

ARTBELL FITNESS, a well-established manufacturer of fitness equipment and sporting goods based in China, is delighted to announce its participation in several prestigious global exhibitions slated for 2023 and 2024. These remarkable events serve as a stage for unveiling the latest fitness and wellness innovations, offering us a unique opportunity to engage with industry professionals and extend our international footprint.

At these exhibitions, we are set to unveil our cutting-edge products, showcasing not only our fitness equipment but also the innovative product packaging designs that complement our offerings. As a token of our appreciation to our global audience, we will be offering exclusive deals and promotions at our booths.

We eagerly anticipate the arrival of friends, partners, customers, and sports enthusiasts from every corner of the globe. These exhibitions serve as a valuable platform for exchange and learning, and we are enthusiastic about the knowledge and insights we will gain from our interactions.

Here are the details of the upcoming exhibitions:


1. MEGA SHOW (Asian Sporting & Outdoor Products Show)


Time: October 20, 2023 to October 23, 2023

Location: Wan Chai 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Booth: #5B-F17

Exhibition hall location

ARTBELL FITNESS will display a comprehensive range of products at the Asian Sporting & Outdoor Products Show, including gym equipment, Fitness Equipment and Accessories, Professional Sports Equipment and Accessories, Outdoor Sports Equipment and Supplies, Sports Safety/Protective Equipment, Massage and Recovery products, and Other sports-related products.


Why visit the Asian Sporting & Outdoor Products Show?

The 2023 MEGA SHOW Hong Kong is gearing up to host a diverse array of suppliers from over 30 countries and regions, including Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, the USA,Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Bulgaria, Czech, Greece, Italy, Poland and more.

Country/Region Pavilions from China, Taiwan, South Korea, and other locations are set to provide an extraordinary display of unique designs and products. Notably, over 6,000 overseas buyers have already pre-registered for the event, making it a prime platform for global business connections and product discovery.

Q1: How can I visit the Asian Sporting & Outdoor Products Show ?

You need to pre-register on MEGA SHOW website.


Time: October 31st to November 4th, 2023

Location: China lmport and Export Fair(Canton FairComplex), Guangdong, China

No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China

Booth: #12.1i42

The Canton Fair, founded in 1957, is a testament to China's dedication to international trade. This prestigious event is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Guangdong Province, and hosted by the China Foreign Trade Center. ARTBELL FITNESS is proud to be a part of this historic event and looks forward to showcasing its range of fitness and wellness products.


Q1: How can I attend the Canton Fair as a buyer?

A1: To attend the Canton Fair as a buyer, you need a Buyer Card (Badge). Here's how to get it:

Apply online: Visit the official organizer's website, and complete the online application. Make sure to use an email address from a provider other than Gmail.

Submit required documents: Provide a recent passport photo (5cm x 4cm) and a business card.

Obtain your Pre-application receipt: If your application is accepted, you'll receive a Pre-application receipt. This serves as your temporary Buyer Entry Badge.

Get the original Buyer Card: When you arrive in China, visit one of the approved centers or locations to exchange your Pre-application receipt for the original Buyer Card.

Q2: Why should I attend the Canton Fair as a buyer?

A2: Here are some compelling reasons to attend the Canton Fair:

Face-to-face meetings: Meet suppliers in person, which is especially valuable if you've been conducting business on Chinese platforms like Alibaba.

Discover unique suppliers: Many suppliers with excellent products and offers are not on well-known Chinese wholesale websites.

New product ideas: You might identify new products for trading without the need for trial shipments to assess quality.

Instant negotiation: Negotiate deals directly and receive quick responses.

Global networking: Connect with people from around the world, expanding your business network.

Attending the Canton Fair offers the opportunity to engage with suppliers, discover new products, and enhance your business relationships in person.

3. ISPO Munich 2023

Time: November 28 to 30, 2023

Booth: B4, 612-3

Location: Trade Fair Center Messe München

ARTBELL FITNESS is set to showcase a wide range of products at ISPO, including fitness equipment and related accessories, professional sports gear, outdoor sports equipment, safety products, massage and rehabilitation items, and other sports-related products.

Concurrently, we will be unveiling our latest environmentally friendly product packaging boxes for 2024.

Why visit the ISPO Munich 2023?

Following a two-year hiatus due to the global challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ISPO Munich is set to make a triumphant return to the Munich exhibition grounds from November 28 to 30. The theme for this eagerly awaited event is "New Perspectives on Sports."

One of the exciting additions to this year's edition is the "Future Lab." This central hub will serve as a focal point for discussions and presentations on pivotal industry subjects such as innovation, retailing, digitalization, and sustainability. It's a dedicated space for visionary ideas and insights that are poised to shape the future of the sports industry.


Q1: Who can purchase the ISPO Munich 2023 Ticket Retail?

A1: The Expo & Conference Ticket Retail is exclusively for retailers with products from the sports, outdoor, or fashion sectors. This ticket provides access to ISPO Munich on all days (permanent ticket) and requires proof of identity.Price:49 €

Q2: Who is eligible for the Expo & Conference Ticket?

A2: The Expo & Conference Ticket is designed for sports business professionals, including brand manufacturers, contract manufacturers, fabric manufacturers, accessory manufacturers, brand manufacturers with mono-brand retail stores (stationary or online), sports event organizers, and more. This ticket grants access to ISPO Munich on all days (permanent ticket).

Price:199 €

Q3: What about the Expo & Conference Ticket Start-up?

A3: The Expo & Conference Ticket Start-up is exclusively for start-ups in the sports sector. It includes access to ISPO Munich on all days (permanent ticket) and requires proof of identity.

Price:99 €

Q4: Is there a reduced ticket option available?

A4: Yes, the Expo & Conference Ticket reduced is intended for students, apprentices, trainees, or individuals with a severe disability (50% or more) in the sports sector. This ticket provides access to ISPO Munich on all days (permanent ticket) and requires appropriate documentation for verification.

Price:19 €

Q5: How can I get invited to ISPO Munich for free?

A5: If you have contacts with exhibitors, take advantage of the Connect by ISPO opportunities and get invited to ISPO Munich 2023. Exhibitors can provide you with online vouchers, which can be exchanged for a free admission ticket. Please note that online vouchers can only be redeemed for a Print@home ticket or Mobile Ticket online by entering the 14-digit, alphanumeric online voucher number.

More about ISPO Munich

4. FIBO Global Fitness 2024

Time: April 11 to 14, 2024

Location: Exhibition Center Cologne

Opening times: Thursday - Sunday: 9 am - 6 pm

Booth: 9E70

Tickets price:Tickets will be on sale from November 24, 2023

Why visit the FIBO Global Fitness 2024?

FIBO Global Fitness is the world's leading trade show for fitness, wellness, and health. ARTBELL FITNESS is excited to be part of this event in 2024ARTBELL FITNESS is eagerly anticipating its presence at the upcoming Fibo event, where we will proudly unveil an extensive and diverse array of products. Our showcase will encompass a wide spectrum of offerings, ranging from cutting-edge fitness equipment and complementary accessories to top-tier professional sports gear, outdoor sports equipment tailored to various adventures, essential safety products designed to protect athletes, and a comprehensive selection of massage and rehabilitation items, all geared towards enhancing the sporting experience. Additionally, in alignment with our commitment to environmental sustainability, we will introduce our latest and highly anticipated environmentally friendly product packaging boxes, set to be a defining feature of our 2024 collection. We look forward to sharing these innovations and engaging with our valued customers and partners at Fibo

ARTBELL FITNESS exhibition success review

In addition to participating in the above-mentioned exhibitions this year, ARTBELL FITNESS has participated in the Canton Fair for 8 consecutive years, participated in 7 FIBO exhibitions, 5 ISPOs, and 3 Asian Sports and Outdoor Products Exhibitions. ARTBELL FITNESS is pleased to share some key statistics from FIBO 2023 Data, which attracted more than 200 exhibitors and partners from 33 countries, hosted more than 1,000 visitors, and generated tens of thousands of social interactions Media exposure.

As a company dedicated to promoting fitness, wellness, and a holistic lifestyle, ARTBELL FITNESS is committed to providing innovative and high-quality products. Their participation in these exhibitions is an opportunity for professionals, partners, and customers to explore their latest offerings.

For more information about ARTBELL FITNESS and their participation in these exhibitions, please visit


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